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Firehouse Gear

burn permits

The purpose of a burn permit is to help ensure that the residents understand the guidelines for burning in the District and to assist the resident in having a safe burn site.


  • To burn in the ESD No. 14, you must first call 512-258-1114 to request a burn permit (at no cost). 

  • The Fire Department will come out and inspect your proposed site. 

  • Call us at 512-258-1114 the day you want to burn. 

    • This is to confirm that conditions are favorable for that particular day. Humidity, wind conditions, Red Flag Warnings, and Ozone Action Days are items that are considered for daily burn / no burn determination.

fire department conducts an inspection at your proposed site


Call to request a burn permit


Call the day you burn, before you burn.

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inspections from esd no. 14

If a wildfire occurs in our area, how well you and your property come out of it depends on what you do before it happens.

The fire department will help by meeting with you on your property for a free, confidential Firewise assessment. Just call us at 512-258-1114 to schedule. We are here to help. Plan and take action now.



help us find you!

Since 2005, ESD No. 14 and the Volente Fire Dept. Auxiliary have partnered to improve emergency response by providing uniform, highly reflective address signage to our residents. 


There is no charge for new or replacement signs, and we prefer to install them for you. If you need a sign installed or replaced, contact us at or call the station at 512-258-1114.

Please keep existing signs clear and readable. 


You need Knox!


All electric gates need to have a Knox Key Switch that allows emergency services access to your property in a fire or medical emergency. The key switches can be ordered directly on or through your gate company.

Do you have a Knox key switch and want us to test it? Contact the Volente Fire Department at or 512-258-1114 and arrange for us to come by and verify operation. See for more information.

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